Watch Out, Gloria Steinem; Bachmann Wins Iowa Straw Poll…

I am grateful for the American feminist movement.  It did wonders in terms of getting me to where I am today.

Having said that, I think also it is worthy of substantial criticism.

What American feminism has evolved into, regrettably, is a movement filled with militant women who hate nearly all (unfeminine) men and is concerned with one issue and one issue only, and that is ensuring that a woman can terminate her pregnancy at virtually any time.  I say this, incidentally, as a conservative who believes there are, in fact, instances where women should be permitted to abort.

Gloria Steinem and her kind, unrelenting in their criticism of any woman who deviates even slightly from the aforementioned political philosophy, won’t cheer Bachmann’s historic win.  That she was the first woman ever to win the Iowa straw poll will be nothing more than a cause of grief and consternation.

Steinem and her kind despise (not dislike or merely disagree with, you’ll notice) Bachmann, Palin, Haley and other increasingly prominent women in the Republican party because they espouse differing values.  You see, you cannot be a feminist, according to Steinem, unless you conform to her stringent, narrow political philosophy.  You cannot hunt or fish and be a feminist.   You cannot self characterize as “Pro-life” and be a feminist.  You cannot be opposed to wildly destructive affirmative action programs and call yourself a feminist.  It is impossible.  If you are, you are barbaric, want to force women back into the Dark Ages, and think women belong only in the home, barefoot and pregnant (respectively).

So much for critical thought.

It was my understanding that the whole purpose of the movement was to encourage choice.  But women being told what to do by other women is the same as women being told what to do by men.  Where’s the progress?

If Steinem and her kind were nearly as intelligent as they think they are, they’d recognize there’s nothing amoral about hunting animals (because animals are not, and never will be, equal in value to humans), believing life begins at conception (and therefore cannot be terminated) and concluding affirmative action programs cause more harm than good.  It’s one thing to disagree.  It’s another to characterize as immoral and stupid all who oppose you.

As for this feminist, I’m unpersuaded that Steinem’s way is the only way and congratulate wholeheartedly Michelle Bachmann on her win in Iowa yesterday.  I believe her historic victory has advanced immeasurably Republican and American politics.



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