Ignore Obama’s flaccid leadership; restraint is the pathway to genocide.

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President Obama has chimed in, finally, on the Maspero Massacre in which 27 (and counting) Coptic Christians (Copts) were mowed down by military tanks in the streets of Cairo on 9 October, 2011.

His advice was for all parties to exercise restraint.

That’s right.  ALL of you boys and girls, be quiet now.  Be nice.  Including those of you who lay flattened on the ground from SCAF’s (the military’s) tanks running over you.  Restrain the death process, why don’t you?  After all, it’s loud and noisy of you to die so publically and obnoxiously.

For those who paid attention during the 2008 presidential campaign, it was clear Obama was like this.  He perceived as morally equal the Georgians and Russians.  He perceives until now the Israelis and Palestinians as morally equal.  Pay no attention, of course, to the reality that half the Palestinians have chosen to live under the dominion of Hamas, a known terrorist organization that calls openly and repeatedly for the destruction of its neighbor, Israel (you know, the party with whom Israel is supposed to negotiate).

In fact, unless it’s the political party that opposes him here at home, in which case he’s comfortable calling for the “punishment” of his “enemies,” Obama always seems to have difficulty choosing sides and using harsh language.

Perhaps it’s his keen intellect, his affection for nuance.  Enlightened, sophisticated people (as opposed to the dualistic, reductive idiots who cling to their God and guns) understand nuance.  They know the situation is always grey and complicated, even if one side uses tanks and arms, while the other protests peacefully and rightfully (after watching yet another church, this time in Aswan, get charred by Salafists and members of the Muslim Brotherhood).   There’s always “more to the story than meets the eye,” even if the eye sees (and various media outlets capture on film) SCAF’s tanks speeding down Cairo’s streets slaughtering every Copt around.

No, no, it’s far too intricate a matter to take sides.  That would make Obama look unfair and unreasonable.  Fewer people around the world would adore him.

Pity.  One can hardly think of a greater tragedy.

The Messiah hasn’t figured it out yet.  It’s good to anger the evil.  It means you have what most people would call moral clarity.

Copts shouldn’t look to Obama for help; that’d be fatuous.  America offers Egypt more aid (a supermajority of which goes to the same military which committed this atrocity) than any other country in the world.  Instead of using that leverage to stop evil and promote religious freedom and human rights, and threatening to cut off that aid immediately, he told everyone to calm down and hush up.  That gives SCAF, the Muslim Brotherhood and the Salafists a carte blanche.  They will now do precisely as they please, knowing nothing is bad enough to anger their biggest benefactor.

No.  Instead, Copts must fight for their survival without the help of the government that’s supposed to shine brightly on a hill and champion liberty around the world.  Instead, they will have to rely on decent, private American citizens, both Copts and non-Copts alike, to support them monetarily and otherwise.

Firstly, Copts must take to the streets regularly and loudly until they are no longer butchered and discriminated against.  Secondly, they must arm themselves for purposes of self-defense and self-defense only.  Had the Jews taken to the streets decrying laws that made them second class citizens and waived their rifles en masse when the Nazis came knocking, they could have saved themselves.  Learn from the past.

If Copts choose a path of restraint like Obama has suggested, they will only expedite their own slaughter.  Restraint is weakness.  Predators pray on the weak.

That means:

NO more unanswered church bombings.

NO more unanswered church arsons.

NO more unanswered rapes of Coptic girls/women.

NO more unanswered kidnappings of Copts, most of whom are alive at the time of their capture, only to have their healthy organs installed into their sick Muslim counterparts.

NO more unanswered church construction restraints.

NO more stupid, incredulous language about “isolated incidents” and “single insane (and therefore not legally and morally culpable) perpetrators” when it comes to hate crimes committed against Copts.


Copts–you are already in mortal danger.  Tell the world as often and as loudly as you can and increase the likelihood it will pressure those in charge to change course.  It is your only hope.  Relying on Obama, whose leadership is flaccid and moral sense is compromised, will take you nowhere except down a path to genocide.

Radical (not all) Islam is your enemy.  Fight it; don’t accommodate it.


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