On Taylor Swift And Capitalism…

I’m listening to Taylor Swift right now.

Her lyrics are something like this:


Are Never

Ever Ever

Getting Back Together



Yes, ladies and gentlemen.  That’s right.

She makes about a trillion times more money than I do, and I earned a doctoral degree.  (I’m also assuming I’m a far more pleasant person to be around.  You know, charming and such.)  

But you know what?  That’s capitalism.  It’s filled with inequalities.

I’m okay with that.  I recognize the world isn’t fair.  I’m still sticking with our system because, despite its faults, it’s still the best system out there.  Nothing is perfect.  There is no utopia.  You pick the best option out of those available to you.  Better this than an economy controlled by the government. 

That’s it.  Deep thoughts by Maggie is done for the evening.