Mansour Listened To Obama. Did Obama Bother Listening To Mansour?

Here’s my guess: NO.

If the guy couldn’t watch–WATCH!!–the entire bin Laden operation according to his aide (they played cards during), my guess is he didn’t bother listening to Mansour.  He’s probably pissed off this is happening while he’s on vacation in Massachusetts.

In response to President Obama’s idiotic statement on Egypt earlier, Egyptian President Adly Mansour had this to say (translated and unedited):

The Egyptian presidency followed the statement issued by U.S. President Barack Obama on the situation in Egypt,

Cairo Appreciating the attention of the U.S. side to developments in the situation in Egypt, but they would have liked to put things right, and realize the full facts of what is happening on earth in this regard, the Egyptian Presidency would like to confirm the following:

First: Egypt is facing terrorist acts, aimed at government institutions and vital installations, including dozens of churches, courts and police stations, and many public facilities and private property.

Second: groups of armed thugs in violence targeted innocent civilians causing the loss of life, also targeted cultural features of the Egyptian state of libraries, museums and public gardens and educational buildings.

Third: the Egyptian presidency sincerely regrets the casualties and loss of Egyptians lives and working hard to establish security and peace in the community, we emphasize it’s full responsibility towards the protection of the country and the lives of its citizens.

Fourth: the Egyptian Presidency fears that statements that are not based on the realities of things would lead to strengthen the groups of armed violence and to encourage them in their approach against stability and democratization, including the completion of the map of the future, which insist on the completion on schedule … Of the Constitution to the parliamentary and presidential elections.

Fifth: Egypt appreciates the sincere attitudes to the world, but it just emphasizes the full sovereignty and independent decision, and to enable the will of the people which was launched in the twenty-fifth of January 2011 and the thirtieth of June 2013 for a better future for a great country.