Obama Cancels Joint U.S./Egypt Military Exercises

Thoughts on this latest development:

I support Al SiSi and Mansour. I am prouder of their leadership in Egypt than I am of Obama’s leadership in America. Obama’s rebuke of Egypt’s attempt to clear out (in a civilized fashion, contrary to what you have read in duplicitous Western media outlets) its equivalent of the KKK (the Muslim Brotherhood) by cancelling joint U.S./Egypt military exercises indicates just how morally confused the American president is.

The Muslim Brotherhood is a terrorist organization. It is the Egyptian version of Hamas. It is the group that is responsible for the murders of innocent Copts, the firebombings of Coptic churches, homes and small businesses, the kidnapping and rape of Coptic women, the slaughter of four Shi’ite Muslims only weeks ago (in broad daylight), the reduction of the already criminally-low age for girls to marry, the push for the legalization of female genital mutilation, the crucifixion of citizens merely suspected of homosexuality, the harvesting of organs of healthy as well as deceased Copts without family permission to be used for sick Muslims, and infinitely more.

To abstain from supporting a government whose forces work assiduously at ensuring the Muslim Brotherhood does not continue its path of destruction is to oppose basic human rights.

America should always, irrespective of the cost, support liberty. The human heart beats for it.