Egyptian Muslim Brotherhood Opposition Schools Obama…Because Obama Is A Moral Idiot And Needs Schooling…

Led by Ahmed Said of the Free Egyptians Party, the group issued the following letter:

“Like most Egyptians, we listened with attention to your statement on Egypt’s latest developments. As representatives of the non-Islamic political forces in Egypt, we believe in the same fundamental values on which the U.S. was founded. Be we also have 7,000 years of civilization and history that give us a special identity that we are fighting to keep since the Muslim Brotherhood came to power. 

“Let us first inform you about who the Muslim brothers are: They’re an unlawful organization operating outside the realm of Egyptian law, receiving foreign funding and laundering money in a flagrant breach of international law. Their aim is to rule the world through a so-called Islamic Caliphate as they believe in their absolute supremacy.

“They pretend they are God’s emissaries and they will not rest until they have forced the whole world into submission. For them, Egypt is the launching pad to achieve their fascist dream. Their international reach spans the globe and they command the hearts and minds of many unsuspecting politicians. They have used deceit, soft speeches, international funds and whenever required, violence,  to impose their will.

“The rule of (deposed President Mohammed) Morsi showed how in less than a year they abused the people, reneged on their promises and overturned the rule of law by issuing constitutional diktats monopolizing the judiciary as well as the legislative arms of the state. This was enough to impeach any president in a democratic nation. Unfortunately, Egyptians couldn’t refer to their Supreme Sourt as it was besieged by thugs for over 60 days back in November of 2012.

“So finally, Egyptians took to the streets and this century’s second Egyptian ‘peaceful unarmed’ revolution took place in June 2013 to recall the president and reject the rule of the Brotherhood. Egyptians deposed their president not because he was not inclusive, as you so kindly represented, but because he broke his constitutional oath and became another dictator reminiscent of the previous dictator this same great people of Egypt removed in January 2011. This was the will of the people that the West is now trying to bend pretending they are doing so in the name of democracy with no intention of interfering in Egyptian affairs!

“Now, I would like to address a few points in your address:

“Despite the perception, well-intentioned or ill-intentioned, history will tell of a Western media consistently portraying only one side — the Islamist’s. We have to let you know some facts and some truth.

“Since July 3, 2013, the day deposed President Morsi was ousted by popular demand of millions of Egyptians, the Western media and prominent emissaries from the U.S. and Europe have consistently described the sit-ins that paralyzed a large part of Cairo as ‘peaceful demonstrations.’ They chose to ignore what was happening across Egypt from torching churches and killing randomly and destroying private and public properties.

“Mr. President, peaceful demonstrators do not have the capacity to kill more than 50 police personnel in just a few hours.

“Peaceful demonstrators do not attack a police station with RPG and kill the police chief and his deputies, strip them of their clothes and drag their naked bodies down the street.

“Peaceful demonstrators do not threaten Christians with genocide as many of the Muslim Brotherhood declared in hate speeches from the sit-in stage. Peaceful demonstrators do not raise the black flags of al-Qaida while marching with pictures of bin Laden and al Zawahri on their chests.

“While the Western media was focusing yesterday on the clearing of the sit-ins, more than 45 attacks were made on Christian installations across Egypt, resulting in the torching of 19 churches and cathedrals, some built in the 6th Century.

“The list goes on, but your intelligence reports will enlighten you, we are sure. The attached video here will also give you an idea.

“Mr. President, it is important that you see reality, especially that the great American people have themselves suffered from the darkness of Islamists and unfortunately thousands of great Americans died from their terror.

“The Muslim Brotherhood and their jihadist allies have never known and will never know peace. It might be useful to remind you that these same people had a three-week sit-in that started on the next dawn after election day and lasted almost two weeks to declare that they will burn Egypt if their candidate is not declared the winner.

“Mr. President, we are on the side of freedom, we are on the side of human rights. We are on the side of justice for all. We also hurt to see mothers mourn their children and children mourn their parents. Have you seen, Mr. President, the video clip of the Muslim Brotherhood supporter throwing 14-year-old children off the roof of a six-floor building? One mother died of sorrow when she saw the video clip of her son thrown off the building. She did not have time to mourn.

“Today Mr. President, you chose to consider one side of the picture and to punish the Egyptians by cancelling Operation Bright Star. Well Mr. President, Operation Bright Star means nothing to most Egyptians, but it is the misunderstanding and misleading of the American people that we care most about. Egyptians have always stood by the American people when attacked by terrorists because we are freedom lovers and individual liberty champions like the American people. The only difference is that we have always been deprived of these great principles and rights.

“Is it too much for Egyptians today to have the support of the American people during our own war on terror? How can the same group be named terrorists in the U.S.A. and peaceful demonstrators in Egypt?

“How can these be the ones the U.S.A. will never negotiate with while the U.S. government demands that Egyptians not only negotiate with them but also partner with them in the building of modern Egypt?

“Mr. President, the interest of peace in the region is served best by truly peace-loving people and democratic values.

“Finally, Mr. President, we hope that this letter will get your attention for, after all, we are now representing the majority. Our present government represents us, the secular, civil and liberal political forces. We hope that you will find it of value to probe more and investigate more and ask more. When you do, we are ready to come to you in a small delegation and discuss and explain more. We are sure that you will realize that, after all, Egyptians are indeed a great people deserving a great future.”


Coptic Mass Cancelled For First Time In 1600 Years.

No matter your faith, this should trouble you.

It should even trouble you if you’re an atheist.

(P.S. These people, the Copts, are the same people Obama advised to exercise restraint.  Not the people murdering and raping them, but they themselves.)

Egyptian Writer Mohamed Salmawy Schools UNESCO

“Dear Ma’am,‬

I am writing you from a country that is currently being pillaged, looted and left in flames. In the process, Egypt’s heritage, which belongs to all of humanity, has been destroyed; it is a global loss.‬

I am writing to you in anger, despite the friendliness which characterised the few meetings we have had since you were selected to serve as Director General of UNESCO back in 2009.

A dark force, falsely wrapped in the Islamic faith, has begun to attack and assault the museums, houses of worship and architecture of a country that possesses and seeks to preserve the heritage of one of the world’s oldest civilisations.‬

One such attack occurred at the Mallawi museum in Al-Minya, from which 1,050 of the museum’s 1,089 artefacts were stolen. The goal of the Islamists, however, was not only to steal (as what happens in museums in your countries,) evidenced by the fact that all which they were unable to steal, they destroyed instead. These artefacts are damaged beyond repair. Later that day, the same perpetrators then set the museum ablaze. Does this give you a clear enough image about the type of terrorist organisation that once ruled our country? ‬

Although the Giza Governorate building, which was recently burned, is not a historical site, I still remember the first time I entered its walls, sitting in the Governor’s office, reading the names of the most famous artists of the 19th century whose pictures decorated the walls of the building. Your friends, who are members of a terrorist organisation, set all that ablaze.

You might not know this, but the murals which decorate the ceiling of our Cabinet building’s reception hall, were designed by the famous French artist, Hippolyte Berteaux, whose murals can also be found on the French Senate building located not far from UNESCO’s headquarters in Paris.‬

The people protected their heritage from barbaric forces back in January of 2011, and we can do so again in 2013, opening up the way for the establishment of a new, civilian, democratic country, like that envisioned by those who launched the January 25th Revolution. Blood is still being shed in pursuance of this goal. If you would extend a helping hand in this process we will welcome it and be grateful, however if you do not do so, history will, and history does not forgive, or forget.‬

My dearest thanks,

Mohamad Salmawy‬”

Jason Isaacson of the American Jewish Committee explains the crisis in Egypt–/?playlist_id=2114913880001

Further proof there’s no reason for hostility between Christians and Jews.

This is Jason Isaacson of the American Jewish Committee. He explains dispassionately and persuasively why the U.S. must identify who, exactly, the aggressors and victims in Egypt are.

Thank you, @AJCGlobal.

Dalia Ziada explaining how it really is in Egypt

A supermajority of the world’s media is reporting untruthfully on what is happening in Egypt. The Muslim Brotherhood is not a peaceful organization. It is, in fact, a terror group.

Dalia Ziada explains how it really is.

Thanks, Ms. Ziada.