Obama On Egypt…

When interviewed by CNN’s Chris Cuomo, brother of NY Governor Andrew Cuomo (who wants to be president, too), President Obama said this about Egypt:

“There was a space right after Mr. Morsi was removed in which we did a lot of heavy lifting and a lot of diplomatic work to try to encourage the military to move in a path of reconciliation,” the president added. But “they did not take that opportunity.”

Oh.  I see.  Poor Morsi.  We Americans did a lot of “heavy lifting” to do what, now?  Try to get the military to reconcile?




Al Sisi TRIED reasoning with Morsi, even before he was deposed; Morsi wouldn’t budge. Almost 35/85 million Egyptians were out in the streets protesting his stolen presidency. This was the LARGEST political uprising in HUMAN HISTORY.

Repeat: The Second Egyptian Revolution Was The Largest Political Uprising In ALL Of Human History.

And after, Al SiSi said in clear terms, like good leaders do, NO terror. Egyptians won’t tolerate it.  Nor should they ever have to.

What does the Muslim Brotherhood do in response?  Expose itself completely.  Set scores of churches on fire, rape and parade nuns through the streets, mark with a cross all Christian businesses and homes (sound familiar, anyone?) to distinguish them from Muslim ones so that the right ones get destroyed, and murder innocents all around the country.

THIS was what Al SiSi was supposed to reconcile with?

Oh, Barry.

I can’t believe he’s my president.  I’m ashamed.  Forget how incompetent he is at economics.  Put that aside.  This is life and death we’re talking about.  Why he can’t identify who the basically good actors are and the basically bad actors are, in conflicts around world, not just here, perplexes me.

The only people I’ve heard this guy call his “enemies” are Republicans.  I’ve never heard him refer to Islamists that way.

By the way, I knew this from the Georgia/Russia conflict during the 2008 campaign.  And I told people.  I warned them.  Same with the Palestinian/Israeli conflict.  He is unclear on what good and evil are.