Can White Liberals Be Racist?

Can White Liberals Be Racist?

They sure can. Just like blacks can be.

I appreciate Dr. Carson. The only thing I’d add to this is that, in my experience, most white liberals mean well. They’re aware of our history as a country, and want to make things right.

The only problem is that telling blacks they need government to survive isn’t the answer. It’s actually pretty insulting the more you think (and the less you emote) about it. It’s not like blacks are idiots and can’t make it on their own.

That’s where the racism is.

So can they be racist and support racist policies? Yes. But I don’t believe most of them intend harm.

That’s how it is often with the Left. People mean well, and yet create policies so irrational and unsound that they actually end up doing far more harm.

Emote less. Think more. Works nearly each time. Really.