Questions for Barry…

Dear Mr. Incompetent, Morally Confused and Foolish,

Assuming it’s true that Assad used chemical weapons on his people, what moral authority will you be able to rely on should you decide to intervene militarily?  It’s not like you’ve gotten it right on Egypt (undercutting Al Sisi/Mansour), for example, or Israel (undercutting Netanyahu), to cite another.  You can’t tell good from evil, after all.

And another thing–is the number of dead as a result of the use of chemical weaponry equal to or greater than the number of people who have been murdered in Syria by other means already? What’s the problem, exactly?  The murder of innocents, or the way in which innocents are murdered?  To me, the way in which they were murdered matters less than the fact that they were murdered to begin with.  To me, you should have acted years ago when this first started.  All you did was talk of a “red line” in order to fool Americans into electing you yet again.  It worked for you, but your ineptitude is costing us.

Oh, and if you do decide to use military force, do you know why it’ll be relatively easy? Because many of your predecessors beefed up our defense system.  Know why Cameron is begging you to use force now?  Because his ability to is limited.  And do you know why that is?  Because British Leftists destroyed what was once the world’s greatest naval power.

See, this is what happens when Leftism rules.  It disables basically good actors from stopping basically bad actors.  You’re going to leave your successors, and, by extension, us, with a weakened military.  That means a weakened ability to do good around the world.  The next time something like this happens, the American military will be less able to act with precision and speed.  That’ll never reflect badly on our soldiers; it’ll always reflect badly on the moral idiot who commanded them.

But what am I telling you all of this for?  You’re God.  You know everything.  I’m such a silly goose.


An American who knew you were an empty suit from the start