Anti-Christian Violence Not Just In Egypt…

Short video detailing ethno-religious “cleansing” in Syria as well.

Excluding Israel, whose Christian population has tripled in recent years, Christians are being targeted around the entire Middle East.

Even if you’re an atheist, this should disturb you. NO ONE should be targeted for their faith (or lack thereof).



W. Classy On Potential Syria Strike

How much do you want to bet Obama will stay this classy when out of office?

We’ll be hearing from him every two seconds.

Plight Of Egypt’s Copts Being Ignored…

The AJC is becoming one of my favorite organizations.

In this piece, Brian Siegal of the AJC discusses what so many others haven’t: the plight of Egypt’s Coptic Christians.

Please read. ¬†You’ll learn a lot in a little time.

Once again, thank you to the AJC for its moral clarity on this issue.