What My Last Two Blog Posts Prove…

My last two blog posts, one on Norton and the other on McCain, prove that our government is broken.

Neither side gives a damn.

The most important issue of the day is Syria, people.  You have one Democrat who said she’d vote to bomb a sovereign country to prevent her precious Obama from being humiliated before the world, and one Republican who is so detached that, rather than listen in on a critically important hearing on the matter, played games on his iPhone.

We’re screwed.

Oh, and just think of the global implications.  If we do go to war, what do you think television stations across the Arab world will be showing?

Segments on the same exact thing I’m telling you about to right now.

And you know what they’ll conclude?

The same damned thing we have: America is run by stupid corrupt people.

I don’t care how you vote–whether you’re conservative, liberal or a centrist.  This should keep you up at night.

God bless the United States Armed Forces.  That’s all I can conclude with.  The greater number of idiots we elect (on both sides), the more at-risk they become.  Pity.


McCain Plays Games–LITERALLY–During Syria Hearing



John McCain “attended” a hearing on striking Syria militarily today.

Instead of paying attention to the most important issue of the day, one that would involve putting our precious troops in harm’s way, what does he do?

Play games on his fancy iPhone.

Not kidding.  See link above.

The Middle East is exploding as we speak, we have the most incompetent president since Carter on watch, our troops are tired (rightfully), and what does he do?


I can’t make this stuff up.

I can’t believe this is my government.

Oh, and it gets worse.

Not only does he NOT apologize–oh, no–he also has the audacity to tweet about it later on like it’s no big deal.

Innocent lives are on the line, but hey, no biggy.  Nothing to see here, folks.  Guess this is a “phony” scandal, too.

Moral idiot.

Eleanor Holmes Norton Would Bomb Syria Out Of Loyalty To Obama

Let’s call this “WHY DEMOCRATS SUCK PART I” because it’s the perfect title. Next one up is for conservatives; don’t worry.

The only reason why this complete idiot–and that’s what she is (can’t wait for the e-mails calling me a woman-hater)–would bomb Syria, a sovereign nation, is because of her sense of loyalty to Obama.

Because she wouldn’t want to see him get humiliated over something as important as national security.

Think I’m lying? Watch the damned video.

Here’s the thing: I don’t CARE about what your opinion is on Syria. It’s irrelevant. That this woman thinks this way should disturb you irrespective of your party affiliation/feelings on striking Syria militarily.

This is NOT how you run a government, people.