What Happens When The U.S. President Takes Back What He Says…

You know what happens when the president of the world’s superpower (not for long, though–I give China 30 years tops) says something and then takes it back?

He looks weak.

And makes us look weak in the process.

That’s dangerous.

Told you he was empty suit, all.

We all wanted a minority president; there’s no question.  It’s a triumph.  The country was conceived in the worst kind of sin and it says something that we don’t care about race the way we used to.

But you don’t just elect a black man, or a woman like Hillary, simply because of minority status.  You elect people to govern based on their degree of competency and track record. Everything about this guy said “incompetent” from the start.  It was obvious to anyone considering him as a whole entire human being as opposed to just looking at his skin color.

Emote less.  Think more.


OOPS! “Red Line” Talk On Syria Not Obama’s

Remember that video I just posted?

From last year?

With Obama saying how the movement/use of chemical weaponry in Syria would change how reacted to Assad? How it would be his “red line” for lack of a better phrase?

That never happened, you liar.

And you’re racist for suggesting it!

Damned Republicans. Starting all these phony scandals!