Thoughts On Ariel Castro Hanging Himself While In Prison…



Muslim Brotherhood “Denounces” Violence

Oh, it’s clear the Muslim Brotherhood abhors violence.  It can’t stand to see it perpetrated on Christians, liberals, or anyone else.

That’s why it burned down churches all over the damned place, murdered dozens of soldiers and police officers, set fire to public buildings, dragged nuns through the streets like POWs (they raped them, too) and infinitely more.

So I definitely believe it when it says it had nothing to do with the assassination attempt on the Minister of the Interior yesterday.

Totally.  It’s an honest organization, this Muslim Brotherhood.  Legit through and through.

Noonan On Syria Strike

She’s right about everything except Egypt experiencing a coup.  Couldn’t be more wrong about that.  All the Egyptian Army did was execute the will of tens of millions of Egyptians. Surprised someone of her intellect doesn’t get that.

Obama’s weakness as president is reason enough not to support a Syria strike.  It could blow up in our faces.  THEN what would we do? He can’t be trusted.  He’s too weak and morally confused to act properly.

Gregory III, Greek Catholic Patriarch Of Antioch, Condemns Syria Strike

This makes me think striking Syria militarily is a bad idea.  And yes, I understand there are no good options.  A couple years ago I would have said get involved, but that was before the rebels became affiliated with Al Qaeda.  Their brutality has been documented and only worsens with time. Increasingly, I fear we’ll help the very people we oppose most.

I wish the world wasn’t this way.