Common Result Of Child Marriage

A tragedy.

It’s okay to condemn this, everyone.  Even if you get called Islamophobic.  You know inside this is wrong.  Speak the truth.


Where are all the anti-war celebs these days?

I just love Hollywood.

Don’t you?  Doesn’t everyone?

Intellectually honest, educated, classy–what’s not to love?

Unbelievably Small

I’m just wondering…

How can Kerry be THIS unintelligent?

Who uses that phrase with anything related to an American military intervention?  Put your feelings on whether we should attack aside for a moment.  Just think of his wording, his attempt to persuade.  How can he be THIS bad?

Reps. Bachmann, King, & Gohmert Visit & Support Egypt

Couldn’t be happier about this. If only more of our elected officials could understand the situation in Egypt this well.

And yes, I understand these people are flawed. I know that. Doesn’t change the fact that I’m thankful for what they did.

In addition to meeting with Mansour and Al Sisi, they even met with the Coptic Pope, Tawadros. This kind of support matters.

Good for them.