Recognizing Your Humanity Deprives You Of Your…Human Rights

File this under absurd.

This lady is on trial for witness intimidation and has to stand trial in the U.K.

She’s covered from head to toe in a black cloak that basically makes her a ghost (that’s called “niqab” in Arabic).  Women in Islam are made to wear this black tent, basically, so as not to provoke sexually their male counterparts.

Because women are always responsible for how men behave.

What does her lawyer argue when the judge says that he, the attorneys, and the jurors have to be able to SEE HER FACE?  You know…in order to assess her credibility?

It’s a breach of her human rights.


Forget making her wear something idiotic that degrades her from human to non-human. That’s not problematic.  No.  The real problem is making her take it off!  That’s where her human rights get breached!

You can’t make this stuff up.