Tell Me Again Westgate Has NOTHING To Do With Islam…

Let me ask you folks a question.  I’m being serious, not sarcastic like I often am.

Does what Prime Minister Cameron said about this last weekend’s attacks in Nairobi make any sense to you?

He says it’s not about Islam.  Has nothing to do with it, in fact.

But consider this:

The attackers asked each victim if he/she (this includes the little ones, of course, whose bodies are still being counted) was a Muslim.  You had to prove it by naming Mohammad’s mother.  Those who replied in the affirmative and got the answer right were spared.  Those who responded in the negative/wrongly got murdered.

Prime Minister Cameron should be intellectually honest; he’ll have greater credibility on the world stage that way.

It IS about Islam.  It’s about how it gets interpreted.  And clearly there’s a big problem with it right now (same with Catholics hundreds of years ago).  There’s a growing strain of Islamism.  It’s the biggest threat we’ve faced since Nazism.  Acknowledging this doesn’t mean you hate all Muslims for goodness sake.  It doesn’t make you Islamophobic. It means you have a functioning brain.

I understand most people who commit rape are men.  Does recognizing that fact make me some man-hating bitch?  Of course not.  Explain to me how this is distinguishable.

I’m baffled by this behavior.  If the jihadists themselves tell you it’s about religion, why don’t you just take them at their word?  It’s not as though they’re lying; they’re actually quite honest about who they are and what they want.  They say/do this each time they go on a murdering spree.

Truth should come before political correctness.  Cameron isn’t doing decent Muslims, who are still in the majority, any favors by sugarcoating his language.

Time to be honest.