Miley’s Persistent Tongue-Wagging Is Strange

I have a question.

Why does she always stick her tongue out?

Is she five?

I can’t be the only person who has noticed this.  I don’t get it.  Is it supposed to be seductive?

Isn’t that what stripping and twerking are for?  To turn men on?  Do you really need the whole tongue thing, too?

I don’t know.  I’m 35.  That’s a long time to live and date.  I’ve found that a little goes a long way.  You don’t need all of this to seduce a man.  A dark pair of jeans with a well-fitted V-neck and a warm smile seem to do the trick just fine.

Of course, I am drop dead gorgeous, and it makes sense that I’d need to exert less effort.

Oof.  So hard being me. Brains and beauty.  It’s a curse, I tell you.  A curse.


Barack Quit Smoking Because He’s “Scared” Of Michelle…

And just think, people.

They make for a healthier couple than the Clintons.

Jesus Christ.

Muslims Need To Confront Muslim Evil

Muslims Need To Confront Muslim Evil

One of Prager’s finest.

He’s right, of course.  Muslims must save Muslims.  They should start by speaking of terror acts as certain paths to hell.  It won’t eliminate terror, but it’ll surely reduce it.

The claim that these acts have nothing to do with Islam isn’t credible.  At least not to rational people.  It’s not “workplace violence” like Obama calls Fort Hood, or the general “extremism” which Obama and Cameron use regularly.  It’s ISLAMISM. RADICAL ISLAM.

Say it.  Confront it.  Fight it.

Enjoy the read.

I love this man.