Mubrook, Marwa El Selhedar!

Mubrook means “congratulations” in Arabic.

I’m congratulating her because she is Egypt’s FIRST Sea Captain!  Image

This is a triumph for women everywhere.

SO proud of my fellow Egyptian.

No rational reason why women shouldn’t be able to serve in this, or any other, capacity.


Article On Why WWII Memorial Was Inaccessible Yesterday (Not That Our Vets Cared, Thankfully)

I think this is an important read, particularly for those of you who think President Obama can do no wrong. It’s by Moe Lane and from

Question Regarding The Government Shutdown And How Many Federal Employees We Have/Need…

If approximately one million workers are considered “non-essential” and are being furloughed, why did they get hired in the first place?

I’m asking sincerely–not trying to be difficult.  I’d like someone who supports big government to explain this to me.

Maybe we can do with less government than we thought.

I know it’s hard to think in these terms, but it beats emoting.