“Accumulation Of Events” Behind U.S. Suspension Of Egypt Aid

According to an unnamed official in the Obama administration, it’s an “accumulation of events” that has prompted President Obama to suspend American aid to Egypt.

Now here’s the truth:  Obama identifies with the Islamists who Egyptians rightfully, democratically, and legally ousted this past summer through the Tamarod campaign.

He identifies with them because of his exposure to Islam as a child, and because he sees them as fellow community organizers.

Remember, he was one in Chicago.  That was where he learned thug-style politics.

He views Islam differently–better–than he does the two Abrahamic faiths that preceded it.  You can see it in his criticism of Israel (the settlements, etc.) and in his unwillingness to criticize anything even REMOTELY connected with Islam (Hasan Nadal’s terror attack wasn’t really Islamic terrorism–it was workplace violence).

In fact, he views everyone BUT terrorists as…terrorists.  How often has he used the term “extremists” to describe Republicans, for example?  Aren’t Republicans the ones who have “hijacked” government with this whole shutdown?

But call a man who shouts out “Allah Wih Akbar” while going on a murderous rampage an Islamist terrorist?

You silly goose.  NO!

Or how about the recent attack in Kenya, where…Islamist terrorists (sorry!) asked victims if they could name the prophet Mohammad’s mother (those who could lived while those who couldn’t were murdered, including their children); did he call them Islamist terrorists?

Nah.  It had nothing to do with an increasingly violent strain of Islam.  That’s a figment of your bigoted imagination.  There IS NO increasingly violent strain of Islam that’s taking root all across the Arab world and beyond.  That question about Mohammad’s mother was purely coincidental.

Unthinkable, really–calling a spade a spade.  It’s too harsh.  Hurts dialogue.  Racist.  He’s too enlightened to be Islamophobic or racist (besides, can people who are half African American even BE racist??).  That term only applies to Republicans, who, in reality (not in his mind), are just fine with Muslims, but aren’t with Islamists.

This is the worldview of our president.

Islamists steal the election in Egypt a little over a year ago?  He sends Hillary to take a smiley picture with Morsi and increases aid.

Increases it.

But let’s see what happens when decent Egyptians–THIRTY THREE MILLION OF THEM–take to the streets (NOT A COUP) in a well-organized, meaningful attempt to reclaim their futures and say they’ve had enough with the person who:

–Installed the head of Gama’a Al Islamaya, a widely recognized terrorist organization, as Governor of Luxor. (Luxor is a major tourist destination; the move caused much-needed income from tourism to fall precipitously.)  That same man orchestrated the mass murder of dozens of European tourists in the late 90s just for the record.

–Released criminals from prison.

–Hired his friends and relatives for all sorts of posts including that of Public Prosecutor and Culture Minister just to name a couple.

–Dismantled the study of arts (as they’re unIslamic).

–Exacerbated instability in the Sinai to agitate Israel and cause unrest and fear.

–Let lawlessness take hold in Cairo and other major cities to encourage women, who belong in the home, after all, to stay there.

–Favored lowering the age (it was already far below 18) of girls to marry.

–Favored Female Genital Mutilation.

–Favored denying women any choice with respect to their reproductive health.

Hmm.  Looks here like he gets pissed off in public about it while on vacation in Massachusetts shortly thereafter and suspends aid now, citing some mysterious “accumulation of events” as his reasoning.

You know what that means?  The nonsense about an “accumulation of events” the administration official cited?  That means Al Sisi and Mansour are cleaning out the joint of these woman-hating, liberal-hating, Jew-hating, freedom-hating terrorists.

I know.  Sounds odd, huh.  You’d think he’d root for the good guys.  Obama has no problem with homosexuals here (as well he shouldn’t, of course), but helps out those who crucify them there.

Filled with contradictions, that Obama.

Now, you tell me.  You guys are smart.  I read your emails (sorry I can’t answer them all).  What does that tell you?

When your kids misbehave, don’t you punish them?

And when they shine, don’t you reward them?

Isn’t that how it works?

When our president rewards Islamists who stole in broad daylight an election with worldwide legitimacy and increased money, and then punishes the honest, everyday people who worked assiduously to oust them from office–what does that say to you?

Forget partisan politics for right now.  Just contemplate my question for a moment.

And you want to tell me that Egyptians, a majority of whom are moderate and decent people, are crazy for suspecting he’s an Islamist sympathizer?

And add to it his support for the Syrian rebels, up to half of whom are Islamists themselves.

Please.  Think with me.  Don’t emote.

With respect to Syria you could argue that he was genuinely upset about the 400 children who got gassed to death.

Okay, fine, I’m with you.  Let’s give him the benefit of the doubt.  I’m not unreasonable.

But his behavior with Egypt?

The fact is that there is ample reason (you may not agree, but that’s different) to suspect he is, in fact, an Islamist sympathizer, and that his moral compass is terribly flawed.

Objections welcome.