#ELTM #tcot #gop #Islamism #ISIL Question…

If these air strikes are so effective, why is ISIL advancing?


Maybe we need ground troops.

Maybe Obama shouldn’t have taken them out!

Could it be? Could it be?

No. He’s the best president ever! Plus, he’s half black. Criticizing or even questioning him would make me racist.

I guess I should keep my mouth shut, then. That’ll help advance the national discourse.

Freedom of speech is fine, as long as you don’t hurt any feelings.

Emote less. Think more. Had we done that, we would’ve elected someone who understood withdrawal would’ve created the conditions necessary for a group like ISIL to flourish.

The Middle East is how it is (unstable), not how we wish it were (stable). Hope is not how you govern any nation, much less the most powerful in the world. It doesn’t constitute a rational foreign policy.

What a mess.


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