#ELTM #Islamism #Hamas #Israel #Gaza #dprs #tcot The Enemy Isn’t Who You Think It Is

Hamas doesn’t care about innocent Palestinians. It uses them, especially the dead ones, to advance its bigoted agenda.

Proof? It stops humanitarian aid, which the IDF has prepared in bulk, from being delivered to Palestinians.

Oh, and it uses them as human shields.

Oh, oh, and it prevents them from leaving places Israel warns them ahead of time to evacuate due to future bombing. That, too.

What you see in the leftist, MSM media is untruthful.

Moreover, if Arab countries cared meaningfully for the Palestinians, they’d encourage them to accept the right of their neighbors to exist in a place that has belonged to them for thousands of years. Encouraging hostilities by illegally delivering arms and employing inflammatory, racist language would be the last things they’d do.

Emote less. Think more.


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