#ELTM #Immigration #DreamAct

I saw this on Twitter just now and damned near fell off my chair it was so funny.

For background, someone recently was able to penetrate White House security and cross the fence.

Thankfully, the president was unharmed. And yes, I’m being serious. I can’t stand him but wouldn’t want anything to happen to him.

FYI, this is how liberals feel. Poor immigrants (which is often the case, though irrelevant in my opinion). They made it all the way over here so we should give them a new name (undocumented citizen instead of illegal alien) and everything they need for a comfortable life.

Who cares if we’re a nation of laws and their first act was to spit on those laws? And who cares, too, about American workers who need our attention first?

No, no. We FEEL bad, so this is the solution. Reason be damned.

Emote less. Think more.