Who Are The Syrian Rebels?


They’re murderers, in short.

I’m sure there are some decent ones, but, increasingly, this is who we’re talking about when we refer to the Syrian rebels.

We can’t aid people like this.


Dennis Prager On Why Intervening Militarily In Syria Is Necessary


Prager on why a Syria intervention is needed. 

This column is superb.  It really is.

Though I disagree with my intellectual hero, Dennis Prager, I want to say three things:

A.  I’m glad he acknowledges his opponents on this issue are thoughtful.  My opposition to military intervention is for precisely the reason he discussed.

B. I, too, supported arming the rebels a couple years ago when this first started–before they allied themselves with the Islamists.  I want that to be on record.  That we didn’t help when the window of opportunity presented itself is yet another tragic mistake made by the evil-enabling Barack Obama.

C.  Prager is right to condemn Kerry/Obama for USLKOE; that something that idiotic came out of the mouth of America’s chief diplomat highlights just how incompetent this administration is.  This isn’t how the world’s superpower is supposed to behave.

There is no good way out of this.  Impossible.  Not for innocent Syrians, not for us, not for Israel, not for anyone.

I’m ashamed; we could have done far, far better. 

Enjoy the read.  Dennis Prager is superb.

Noonan On Syria Strike


She’s right about everything except Egypt experiencing a coup.  Couldn’t be more wrong about that.  All the Egyptian Army did was execute the will of tens of millions of Egyptians. Surprised someone of her intellect doesn’t get that.

Obama’s weakness as president is reason enough not to support a Syria strike.  It could blow up in our faces.  THEN what would we do? He can’t be trusted.  He’s too weak and morally confused to act properly.

Anti-Christian Violence Not Just In Egypt…

Short video detailing ethno-religious “cleansing” in Syria as well.

Excluding Israel, whose Christian population has tripled in recent years, Christians are being targeted around the entire Middle East.

Even if you’re an atheist, this should disturb you. NO ONE should be targeted for their faith (or lack thereof).


The United States must call on Bashar al-Assad to leave now

(Available on Examiner.com under Los Angeles/Middle East)

America stands for liberty.

While our founding was contaminated by one of the world’s single greatest crimes against all of humanity–slavery–America was founded on the notion that each individual was endowed by God with the right to live freely.  This experiment of ours, however imperfect, has provided inspiration to whole nations.  We should be proud of ourselves, and we should live up to our name.

America must call, not soon, but immediately, for the departure of Syria’s Bashar al-Assad.  If it does not, it will diminish what our founders worked so painstakingly and assiduously to create.

For months now, we have watched our government acknowledge only occasionally and lethargically the indiscriminate violence being perpetrated by Syria’s purported “leader,” Bashar al-Assad.  As is the case with the Middle East in general, his government was not elected democratically, nor has it been responsive in any way to the demands of its frustrated citizenry.

The people’s demands are simple and worthy of our recognition and active support.  Syrians deserve the right to worship their differing Gods freely. They deserve the right to vote in and out of office regularly those politicians they deem satisfactory and unsatisfactory.  They deserve the right to speak as they wish, free of government retribution.  These are rights we Americans take, rather pathetically, for granted.  They are the rights that allow us to thrive.  They are the same rights whose absence have caused Syria to stagnate and degenerate into chaos.

There is no reason why Arabs shouldn’t have access to democracy and capitalism.  They are no less deserving than their Western counterparts. When we Americans see innocents being shot and massacred–by the thousands, no less–we should respond swiftly and vigorously.  To stand by as the blood our Syrian brothers and sisters flows through the streets of Damascus and Hama is a disgrace.  It is incumbent upon President Obama and Secretary of State Clinton to call jointly and forcefully for al-Assad’s departure.  It is incumbent upon them also to work tirelessly until this outcome is achieved and he meets the same fate as his Egyptian counterpart, Hosni Mubarak.

Syria needs America to live up to its ideals.  Bashar al-Assad must go now.  America must, either independently or with the help of its true allies, pressure and weaken him until he does.

Enough savagery.