#ELTM #Israel Ted #Cruz’s Speech to #Arab #Christians (Dennis Prager)

Ted Cruz’s Speech to Arab Christians (Dennis Prager)

I posted Douthat’s column a few days ago.  I suggest you read it, and then read this, Prager’s latest.

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#ELTM #Copt #DPRS #TCOT #GOP #Christians #Genocide #Coptic #Orthodox Bishop Angaelos of England on #Cruz and #Israel

Anba (Bishop) Angaelos of Great Britain is well intentioned, but confused. (Video clip.)

What His Grace fails to realize is that a discussion of Israel and the reason why that conference was held in the first place aren’t separate issues.  The notion is absurd.  Israel is a part of the Middle East.  It’s the only country there in which Jews, Christians, Muslims, atheists, and anyone and everyone else are free to worship or not as they please.  Now, did Cruz go about making his point well?  No.  Not in the least.  I wish I could have coached him.  I’m a pro-Israel Copt who has converted more than few people in her time.  You have to start by explaining how both populations, Jews and Christians, have been persecuted by the same enemy (radical, not all, Muslims).  You emphasize a shared creation story (Genesis), a shared set of rules by which to live (the Ten Commandments), and much, much more.

The point is, the two issues can’t be divorced from one another.

The bishop refuses to admit that there’s widespread hatred of Israel in our community (which is fundamentally un-Christian and irrational), and that we lose credibility for it.  You can’t simultaneously claim to value human rights and push for them for your own group, while disparaging the one country in the region that actually cherishes them.  It doesn’t make sense. Christians are safer in Israel than they are anywhere else in the Middle East.

When was the last time a bunch of Jews blew up churches?  Can someone tell me?  Or forced Christians to pay a tax just for being Christians?  The examples go on and on.  Are there Jewish extremist militias popping up all over the place, abducting little Christian girls, selling them as though they’re commodities, raping them en masse, and then claiming that this is what God wants?  When was the last time you saw a bunch of radical Jews fly planes into buildings?

Moral clarity comes from thinking, not emoting.

This video clip is embarrassing.

I understand the bishop serves a population with relatives and friends in an Islamic state (Egypt).  I get it.  I get he has to be diplomatic.  But what’s right is right and what’s wrong is wrong.  We must recognize, and champion, the truth.

Israel should be hailed for what it is, a beacon of hope for the Middle East’s most persecuted populations, including Christians.

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