“Firearms are s…

“Firearms are second only to the Constitution in importance; they are the peoples’ liberty’s teeth.”–George Washington


How The Left Feels About Gun Owners

Remember Eddie Vedder, from Pearl Jam?

This is how he (a proud member of the tolerant Left) feels about decent Americans who own guns (hint: he wishes you harm):


Typical Leftist.

And yet ask these people how they feel about the criminals themselves, the ones who murder people (ESPECIALLY IF THE MURDERERS ARE BLACK OR ARAB, of course), and you’ll get lectured on compassion, how unfair “it” (that means everything in the world) is, how racist we are, how the criminal justice and mental health systems are broken, and how punishment is meanypoo!  Especially if it involves the death penalty.

Good is bad.  Punish good.  Good is antiquated.

Bad?  Bad isn’t bad.  Bad just needs compassion.

Heartless pig.  You’re so backwards!


P.S. Legislation doesn’t “take place” for God’s sake.