#ELTM #Islamism #DPRS #Terror #ISIS ‘Not Islamic’? (Dennis Prager)

‘Not Islamic’? (Dennis Prager)

Reminder: “ISLAMIC STATE” is the name.



…Just FYI.

Lying to ourselves won’t help us combat evil.  You must know your enemy in order to fight him.

Emote less.  Think more.


#ISIS #Terror #Islamism Note To #Jihadists

This is how it works in Obama’s America.

#ISIS #Islamists #Terror Please, we beg of you, stop beheading people.

Because if we ask nicely, it’ll work.

I don’t know what Obama was talking about last week. This looks like a strategy. A great one, in fact. It’ll definitely turn the tide. Savages who behead people are receptive to things like this.


This is what you get when you emote at the voting booth, my friends. Hope and change don’t do anything but enable evil.

You need a strategy, a core set of values, a working framework to help you keep your country safe and advance the cause of liberty around the globe.

I know you wanted Obama to succeed. We all did. But those of you who voted for him because he’s half black and Ivy League educated made a mistake. None of that makes you qualified for the American presidency.

Knowing right from wrong, what makes America America, and using our military for good, on the other hand, do.

This picture is depressing. It’s just depressing. That this, essentially, is our response to yet another American journalist getting BEHEADED is astonishing to me. It’s what our entire foreign policy has become under this inept, detached president.

I miss my country. It used to be strong and treat its friends like friends and enemies like enemies.