#ELTM #Islamism #DPRS #Terror #ISIS ‘Not Islamic’? (Dennis Prager)

‘Not Islamic’? (Dennis Prager)

Reminder: “ISLAMIC STATE” is the name.



…Just FYI.

Lying to ourselves won’t help us combat evil.  You must know your enemy in order to fight him.

Emote less.  Think more.


#ELTM #Israel Ted #Cruz’s Speech to #Arab #Christians (Dennis Prager)

Ted Cruz’s Speech to Arab Christians (Dennis Prager)

I posted Douthat’s column a few days ago.  I suggest you read it, and then read this, Prager’s latest.

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“Some suffering is not newsworthy.”–J. Post Editorial

Thank you to my friends from the Jerusalem Post; you have no idea how much your support matters.

“Incredibly, all this appears to pass right under the radar of Western media. Ostensibly undetected and barely reported, anti-Christian drives stand out as yet further illustrations of mind-boggling selectivity by the press overseas.”

(That’d be my favorite part of the entire article.)

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