Dennis Prager On Why Intervening Militarily In Syria Is Necessary

Prager on why a Syria intervention is needed. 

This column is superb.  It really is.

Though I disagree with my intellectual hero, Dennis Prager, I want to say three things:

A.  I’m glad he acknowledges his opponents on this issue are thoughtful.  My opposition to military intervention is for precisely the reason he discussed.

B. I, too, supported arming the rebels a couple years ago when this first started–before they allied themselves with the Islamists.  I want that to be on record.  That we didn’t help when the window of opportunity presented itself is yet another tragic mistake made by the evil-enabling Barack Obama.

C.  Prager is right to condemn Kerry/Obama for USLKOE; that something that idiotic came out of the mouth of America’s chief diplomat highlights just how incompetent this administration is.  This isn’t how the world’s superpower is supposed to behave.

There is no good way out of this.  Impossible.  Not for innocent Syrians, not for us, not for Israel, not for anyone.

I’m ashamed; we could have done far, far better. 

Enjoy the read.  Dennis Prager is superb.


Unbelievably Small

I’m just wondering…

How can Kerry be THIS unintelligent?

Who uses that phrase with anything related to an American military intervention?  Put your feelings on whether we should attack aside for a moment.  Just think of his wording, his attempt to persuade.  How can he be THIS bad?