#ELTM #Israel Ted #Cruz’s Speech to #Arab #Christians (Dennis Prager)

Ted Cruz’s Speech to Arab Christians (Dennis Prager)

I posted Douthat’s column a few days ago.  I suggest you read it, and then read this, Prager’s latest.

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#ELTM #Genocide #Christianity #Israel The Middle East’s Friendless #Christians (Ross Douthat)

The Middle East’s Friendless Christians (Ross Douthat)

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Great Article On Good Muslims Rooting Out Bad…

Good Muslims, who constitute the majority, have a moral obligation to root out the bad.  It’s that simple.



Liberal Bill Maher on Boston Marathon Attack


Incredulously, Maher speaks the truth about Islam’s growing problem with radicalism.

No, not all Muslims are bad for goodness sake. Just like not all Catholic priests are bad but the Catholic Church has a growing priest/child molestation problem.

Nuance, people. Nuance.