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Well, murder is wrong, BUT…those cartoonists in Paris did the one thing they knew would hurt Muslims most: draw Mohammad.

(Said by the same people, incidentally, who supported publishing the #PissChrist image.)

Of course flying planes into buildings is wrong, BUT…you have to understand, America has alienated Muslims.

(Forget the fact that President Clinton came to their rescue through the use of military force, and that Western governments spend billions each year in foreign aid to Muslim countries.)

Of course throwing people you “suspect” are gay from the top of a building is wrong, BUT…Muslims believe homosexuality is evil.

(Said by the same people who both condemn in the most vigorous language and organize boycotts against non-violent opponents of the legalization of same sex marriage.)

Tell me, Leftists, how will you blame Nigeria’s victims? The thousands murdered by Boko Haram.

And even more interestingly, how will you self-contradict immediately afterward?

The translation for this cartoon, by the way, is this: Why are they killing us? We don’t even have pencils.

Stop emoting. You’re enabling evil.

It’s about THEM. THEIR values. Period. There’s no appeasing evil. It never works. Islamism must be confronted forcefully.


Muslims Need To Confront Muslim Evil

Muslims Need To Confront Muslim Evil

One of Prager’s finest.

He’s right, of course.  Muslims must save Muslims.  They should start by speaking of terror acts as certain paths to hell.  It won’t eliminate terror, but it’ll surely reduce it.

The claim that these acts have nothing to do with Islam isn’t credible.  At least not to rational people.  It’s not “workplace violence” like Obama calls Fort Hood, or the general “extremism” which Obama and Cameron use regularly.  It’s ISLAMISM. RADICAL ISLAM.

Say it.  Confront it.  Fight it.

Enjoy the read.

I love this man.