1,400 English Girls Raped by Multiculturalism (Dennis Prager)

1,400 English Girls Raped by Multiculturalism (Dennis Prager)


Epidemic Of Sexual Violence In Egypt

Please take about five minutes to watch this video. Created by Human Rights Watch, it gives you an in-depth view of just what it’s like to be a woman walking Egypt’s streets.

The heckling, touching, and, increasingly, rape of women (by more than one man) is becoming an epidemic.

Tragically, though not surprisingly, the men who perpetrate these crimes blame the victim (the way she walks, talks, dresses, etc.).

It must stop, and it can’t if no one knows it’s happening.

Again, just a few moments of your time. Feel free to spread the word.

No one deserves to be treated this way. Women aren’t chattel. They should be able to dress as they wish, walk as they wish, and move freely from place to place without fear of being gang raped.

It is a human right.

Say “Hello!” To One Of My Favorite Groups Please…

“Voices for Egyptian Women” is among my favorite Facebook groups.  Its members champion rights for women, and call attention to the destruction Islamism brings.

On August 24th, its supporters will (dare!) wear dresses and skirts (and–gasp!–show a little skin) in an attempt to make safe what is an increasingly hostile environment for them: Egyptian streets. The campaign is called “Hanilbis fesateen” which means “We shall wear dresses” in Arabic.

Having spent my summers in Egypt growing up and having interned there as a grad student, I know just how pervasive this problem is.  Men scream obscenities at you from across the street, and assault you constantly. Their words alone are enough to make you feel soiled.

Lately, rape has been on the rise.  Like the targeting of Christians, this story hasn’t gotten nearly enough press.

Rape often starts with a culture of sexual harassment.  The objectification of women must cease, especially if Egypt is to embrace a free market economy.  You can’t thrive if half of your population lives in fear of leaving home.

Enough is enough.

As is the case in the West, women in the Arab world should be able to dress however they please.  It is up to men, not women, to control themselves.  Each man is responsible for his own behavior.  You can’t simultaneously claim that, as the men, you are physically and intellectually superior, and yet blame women when you refuse to control yourselves.  Either you’re animals and we treat you that way or you’re fully developed adults and we treat you that way.  It’s one or the other.

What’s more, if Islamist critics were right, then women who walk the streets of Cairo completely covered up in black wouldn’t be getting harassed.

Of course, they ARE. Always have been.

Don’t blame the victim. It’s so old.

Support this good cause by “liking” the Facebook page entitled “Voice of Egyptian Women” and reading the article about its goals below.



Muslim Brotherhood Attacks On Copts Aren’t Funny–Unless You’re A Part Of The Obama Administration…

How is it the murders, rapes and destruction of churches of Copts is humorous?  Can someone please explain this to me?  Doesn’t ANYONE in this administration have the ability/willingness to distinguish good from evil, innocent from guilty?  Anyone at all?

And for the record, it’s not like anyone thinks Obama has a red line about anything.  There isn’t one with respect to Syria, Iran (ask Israel), North Korea, or any other bad actor.


I can’t make this stuff up.

Please, liberals, examine who you voted for.  This makes you look bad.