What the Arab World Produces (Dennis Prager)

What the Arab World Produces (Dennis Prager)

It hurts, but I can’t dispute a single part of it.


Muslim Brotherhood “Denounces” Violence


Oh, it’s clear the Muslim Brotherhood abhors violence.  It can’t stand to see it perpetrated on Christians, liberals, or anyone else.

That’s why it burned down churches all over the damned place, murdered dozens of soldiers and police officers, set fire to public buildings, dragged nuns through the streets like POWs (they raped them, too) and infinitely more.

So I definitely believe it when it says it had nothing to do with the assassination attempt on the Minister of the Interior yesterday.

Totally.  It’s an honest organization, this Muslim Brotherhood.  Legit through and through.

Great Article On Good Muslims Rooting Out Bad…

Good Muslims, who constitute the majority, have a moral obligation to root out the bad.  It’s that simple.