#ELTM #Israel #tcot #dprs Strange claim, isn’t it?

Baffling, really.

Funny, the difference facts make.


1,400 English Girls Raped by Multiculturalism (Dennis Prager)

1,400 English Girls Raped by Multiculturalism (Dennis Prager)

Video Mocking Saudi Ban On Women Driving


My apologies to readers who don’t speak Arabic.

Had to make an exception here, though. Just too funny not to post.

Basically it’s a video mocking this ridiculous ban Saudi Arabia has on women driving. Cracked me up.

There’s one line, though, that really got me. It was HOWWA KIDDA.

That means THIS IS HOW IT IS.

Middle Eastern women hear this ALL the time. ALL THE TIME.

We hear it (or HOWWA KIDDA AL NIZUM–this is how it’s set up/organized) whenever we inquire as to why something has to be unequal/immoral.

Here it’s about why women can’t drive. This is the response Middle Eastern men give you.


It’s about so much more, though.

Why can’t women be as educated? HOWWA KIDDA.

Why can’t women choose their marriage partners? HOWWA KIDDA.

Why can’t women dress as they wish, speak as they wish, behave as they wish?

HOWWA KIDDA. (Clearly a rational response, don’t you think?)

There’s not one Middle Eastern woman I know who hasn’t been fed this line.

Enjoy, Arabic speakers.

I love seeing stupid people/laws/governments get mocked.